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About Me

Thanks for stopping by! So you want to know a little more about me and my blog? Here’s some info in the form of a Q&A.

Drinking wine in Manhattan, New York City, 2015
Drinking wine in Manhattan, New York City – July 2015

Q. Who are you, anyway?

I’m Ashlea—an excitable Australian with a passion for photography, sustainability, and travel. I’m also known for being super-organised, having a stationery addiction, and being a tad obsessed with maps.

I grew up in Hobart (AUS), and have also spent time living in Newcastle (AUS), Sydney (AUS), and New York City (USA). I moved from Australia to the US in 2015, then in 2017 I moved back to Australia to live in Sydney.

My husband, Rob, happens to be as travel-obsessed as I am. We’re both vegetarian and like to travel sustainably wherever possible.

Rob and I in Miyajima, Japan, 2019
Rob and I in Miyajima, Japan – June 2019

Q. How did this blog come about?

In July 2014, I was sitting at my desk contemplating our plans to move to USA. Wondering whether I’d use Facebook to share my travels with my friends and family, I realised that as an ex-travel agent and frequent traveller, I had so much more to offer than a few quickly forgotten photos. It was at that moment that I decided to compile my knowledge and stories into a blog.

Over the years, A Globe Well Travelled has grown into an online resource for a number of travel-related topics including travel photography, trip planningtravel jobseco travel, and more. My mission is to inspire people to live an adventurous and sustainable lifestyle.

Exploring Pena Palace in Sintra, Portugal, 2018
Sightseeing in Sintra, Portugal – September 2018

Q. What’s your travel experience?

My family travelled around Australia often as I was growing up. I took my first international trip to Europe when I was 18, and from that moment on I was addicted.

On top of heading abroad with my family, I’ve also tried venturing solo and travelling with friends. I head abroad with Rob on most of my current trips, and I accept the occasional press trip where I travel solo or in a group with other bloggers.

I’ve tried many different forms of travel from backpacking in hostels to luxury cruising, but I generally consider myself a budget traveller. I’ll scour the internet to find good deals on flights, accommodation, and tours, making sure that I travel comfortably but never paying more than I need to.

I love city-hopping and can easily spend hours watching people on the street from inside a local coffee shop, but I also love exploring naturally beautiful places and using my camera to capture the essence of the destination. The countries I have visited so far are:

Australia / Austria / The Bahamas / Barbados / Belgium / Bolivia / Canada / China / Colombia / Croatia / Czech Republic / Denmark / Fiji / Finland / France / Germany / Greece / Hong Kong / Hungary / Iceland / Indonesia / Ireland / Italy / Japan / Malaysia / Mexico / Monaco / Netherlands / New Zealand / Peru / Poland / Portugal / Russia / Singapore / Slovakia / Slovenia / Spain / Sweden / Switzerland / Thailand / Ukraine / United Kingdom / United States / Vatican City

Where I
Where I've been

Q. Where are you travelling to next?

Throughout 2022, I was able to visit the US again in April where I visited my old haunts in NYC and then stopped in Hawaii (for the first time!) on the flight back. I also completed a short ski trip to Queenstown, New Zealand with friends in July.

I haven’t got any big plans for what’s next – probably just a few local trips within Australia until 2023.

My ultimate travel goal is to visit every continent. I’ve crossed off 44 countries over 5 continents so far, with only Africa and Antarctica still left unchecked.

Q. How do you make money?

I spent a few years freelancing my skills in travel writingcontent management, and social media management while I ran this blog and studied for a degree in Communications here in Sydney. Now I have a job in Digital Marketing for some local hotels.

I also make a little money through this blog by monetising posts through sponsorships and affiliate links.