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7 destinations that I’m obsessing over right now

Destinations that I’m obsessing over right now

The only cure to travel addiction is to travel more, and that’s just a temporary fix.

As a long-term victim of travel addiction, I can tell you that the condition comes with some side affects – one of which is obsessing over all the destinations I want to visit. I have a list of places so ridiculously long that it seems impossible that I would ever have enough time to do them all.

With 2017 now underway, I’ve started prioritising and selecting a few destinations to take their place at the top of the list. These leading destinations aren’t necessarily ones that I have set plans on visiting this year, but they will be the first that I’ll hit up if given the chance.

It was difficult to whittle it down, but I managed to choose 7 that I’m most eager to see. Here are the destinations I’m obsessing over right now!

USA map


I am 100% obsessed with my new home country of the Unites States. I honestly think that the US is such an underrated country for travel – this place has such a diverse range of destinations including big cities, small towns, national parks, and wild landscapes.

The country is also super easy to get around with plenty of transport options including air, train, bus, and car. On arrival at any major US airport, you can easily book a shuttle transfer using a service like Jayride to head straight for your hotel.

I intend to properly explore all the country has to offer over the next few years. Some US places that are likely on the cards for is the state of Montana, and I would looove to do a southwest road trip. The majestic red rocks of Monument Valley are something that I’ve always wanted to see!

  • Completed! (2017)
Scotland map


I’d never really had an inclination to visit Scotland until recently. This part of the UK has come way up on my travel list now that I’ve started seeing some pictures of it’s fairytale castles, green rolling hills, and scenic lakes.

Rob is into fancy scotch, so visiting a distillery would definitely be a must-do Scotland experience. I would also love to see Glasgow, Edinburgh, and the highlands, but I’m not particularly fussed about where in Scotland we go. Any place with pretty scenery is fine by me!

  • Completed! (2018)
Japan map


Australians tend to visit Asia frequently seeing as it’s fairly accessible from our remote part of the world. I’ve previously done Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and China, but strangely have never been to Japan.

This country has been intriguing me lately. Japanese culture entices me with its animated characters and oriental aesthetic, and I’m sure any trip would result in some unique Japan experiences. It’s definitely somewhere that I’d consider for a future trip!

  • Completed! (2019)
Norway map


Norway is the only major Scandinavian country that was missed on our Nordics trip. There were a few people who asked if Norway was included on our itinerary, and each time I said no, there was a huge look of disappointment on their face.

The reason it wasn’t included was not because I didn’t want to go there – it was because I felt like Norway deserved way more time than I could give it. I could have tried to experience Norway in just a few days, but I think it would need at least 2 weeks to get the full experience.

It may not be this year, but I’m sure it won’t be long before I give in to the temptations of the gorgeous fjords and landscapes of Norway.

Colombia map


I don’t know if it’s because I chain-watched 2 seasons of Narcos or because people I know are actually travelling there, but Colombia seems to be jumping out at me from every corner lately. There aren’t a lot of places in South America that I want to visit in the immediate future, but Colombia is one of them.

This Instagrammable destination has drawn me in with its pastel coloured houses and mountainous scenery. The mountainous city of Medellin and the cutesy town of Guatape are definitely places I’d like to visit, along with the coastal city of Cartagena. As Colombia is quite accessible from North America, I’ll definitely want to tick off the country sometime while I’m living here.

  • Completed! (2017)
South Africa map

South Africa

Oh, Africa, that continent that has so far eluded my travels. I’ve wanted to visit South Africa (and the countries surrounding it) for a while now, but the distance has always been so far from my location that it’s never made it in to my travel plans.

Still, I have resolved to get there someday. It may not be someday soon, but I’m determined not to leave it out. I really want to see the penguins and ocean in Cape Town, and also do a safari where I can go a little crazy getting wildlife shots with my mirrorless camera.

Antarctica map


Seeing as my ultimate travel goal is to visit every continent, Antarctica is a place that I feel like I need to go. I actually have a strange obsession with ice and snow (weird, right?) and I honestly can’t think of anything more exciting than getting tons of amazing photos of icebergs, penguins, seals, and whales.

Seeing as Antarctica is fairly expensive and difficult to get to, I’m putting this one off until the opportunity arises (basically when I have both the cash + time to do an Antarctica tour!). It may still be a few years away, but I’ve vowed to get there eventually.

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